Children’s Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits

“Avoidable  hospitalizations”  are  those  that  could  be  prevented  with  timely  access  to  quality  outpatient  care. The  rate  of  avoidable  pediatric  hospitalizations  among children  ages  4 and  younger  in  East Flatbush  is  higher than  the  citywide  rate.

Many  childhood  asthma  emergency  department  visits could  be  prevented by  reducing  the  presence  of  pests, mold,  secondhand  smoke  and  other  asthma  triggers, and by  taking  daily  medication.  The  asthma  emergency department  visit  rate  among  children  ages 5  to  17  in East  Flatbush  is  higher  than  the  citywide  rate.  The  TCNY 2020  goal  is  to  have  fewer  than  210  asthma  emergency department  visits  per 10,000  city  children.

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