Congress of Youth Development & Leadership

Congress  of  Youth  Development  &  Leadership was  created for  youth and  young  adults  from ages 13  through  24.  Congress  of  Youth  Development  &  Leadership  embraces a broad social determinant of health approach to advancing  the  development of youth and  young  adults in NYC  and  beyond.

According  to  Youth  Chaplaincy  Coalition  at ,  the  average  annual  Cost of  High  School  Dropouts  to   the  U.S.  economy  is  $235,680  in  welfare  payments,  food  stamps,  criminal   justice  and  medical  care.

This  represent  a  cost  of   23.5M  dollars  for  150  school  dropouts.  This  number  could  be  even  higher  when  according  to  NYC  data,  the  average  cost  per  inmate  a  year  is  $118,000.00.

According  to  Bureau  of  Prison  data,  high  school  drop  outs  represent  approximately  80%  of  the  prison  population

Our Congress  of  Youth  Development  &  Leadership advances the latest innovations in youth  development program activities.  Our Congress  of  Youth  Development  &  Leadership is  dedicated to developing the nation’s next generation of young leaders that  includes pioneering a broad social determinant of health approach that aims to build the competencies, skills and abilities of youth that they need to grow and flourish throughout life.

Our Congress  of  Youth  Development  &  Leadership  is dedicated to building mutually beneficial relationships between youth and their family, peer groups, school, workplace, community, other government institutions, society, and culture to provide opportunities for youth to enhance their knowledge, interests, skills, and abilities.

Congress  of  Youth  Development  &  Leadership uses curricula, workshops, and experiences to prepare young people to LEAD now  and  for  generations  to  come.  By  LEAD  we  mean

  • Lead change that healthify the length and quality of life in their communities and beyond
  • Expedite and organize community action to reform public systems to improve the social determinants of health that impact them the most.
  • Advance a scientific solution approach to systemic problemsolving  to social problems that are rooted in a  historical and political context.
  • Develope bold new Citywide initiatives  that meet directly with and provide input to State and City policymakers, while leading community health outcomes toward healthier pathways to help people live longer and healthier lives.
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