Pre-Service On-Boarding Core Competency Training

Welcome  to  our  Pre-Service  On-Boarding  Series  Training  &  Certification Continuum.

Our  Pre-Service  On-Boarding  Series,  covers  content associated  with  welcoming  a  new  hire  or  new  team  member  to  the  team,  or  to  the  health  care  industry.

Our  Pre-Service  On-Boarding  Series,   is  a value-based  brand  of  competency-based  training  that  is designed  to  transition  and  sharpen  the  T-BACK$™  –Thinking,  Behavior,  Attitude, Communication, Knowledge  and  $kills  of  community  residents  and  health  professionals  to  achieve  the  learning  objectives  of  the  training  identified  in  our  course  catalog.