Generic  prescription  drugs  account  for  over  80  percent  of  medications  dispensed by community  pharmacies,  yet  there  is  no  transparency  into  how  they  are  priced  in  federal  health  programs  by  middlemen  called  pharmacy  benefit  managers  (PBMs).

Through  hidden  maximum  allowable  cost  (MAC)  lists,  PBMs  can  overcharge  federal  health programs  while  paying  much  lower  reimbursement  rates  to  independent  community pharmacies.  Policy  efforts  to  reduce  the  cost  of  prescription  medications  in  the  U.S.  have failed  to  reduce  disparities  in  cost-related  underuse.

According  to  a  recent  CVS  Health  poll  conducted  by  Morning  Consult  found  that nearly  eight  in  ten  Americans (79  percent)  are  concerned  about  prescription  drug  costs  and  the  impact  on  their  families’  budgets.   Little  is  known  about  the  relationships  between  pharmacy accessibility,  utilization  and  cost-related  underuse  of  prescription  medications  among  residents of  low-income  underserved  communities.

On  average  several  studies  of  underserved  communities  disclosed  that  approximately  1/3  of  residents  primarily  filled  their  prescriptions  at  the  pharmacy  nearest  to  their  home.    Among those  who  did  not  use  mail  order,   the  median  distance  traveled  from  home  to  the  primary pharmacy  was  1.2  miles.

Residents  whose  primary  pharmacy  was  at  a  community  health  center  or  clinic  where  they usually  received  care,  traveled  the  furthest  but  were  least  likely  to  report  cost-related underuse  of  their  prescription  medications.  What  the  study  concluded  was  this:  Most residents  in  underserved  communities  were  not  using  pharmacies  closest  to  their  home  to obtain  their  prescription  medications.

According  to  research  recently  published  in  the  “Annals  of  Pharmacotherapy,”  only  half  of medications  prescribed  for  treating  acute  and  chronic  conditions  are  taken  as  originally recommended.   Some  patients  elect  not  to  fill  a prescription  or  use  only  a  few  doses  without  finishing  the  course  which  can  lead  to  hospital  readmission,  adding  to  health-care  costs.   Alternatively,  people  may  not  seek  medical  attention  because  of  the  scarcity  of primary  care clinicians,  high  out-of-pocket  costs,  or  lack  of  insurance.

Funding  RXLOWCOST.COM™  Imperative  will  fund  our  ability  to  drastically  reduce  the  high  medication  prescription  cost  and  cost-related  underuse  in  underserved  communities.

RXLOWCOST.COM™  Imperative  is  a  cutting-edge  equity  project,  to  make  prescription  medication  more  affordable.  Given  the  higher  unemploment  and  poverty  rates,  we  created  this  equity  solution  for  families  in  underserved  communities.  It  was  created  in  direct  response  to  the  harmful  effects of  systemic  health,  racial  and  ethnic  disparities,  that  are  reflected  in  the  negative  impact  of  social  determinants  of  health,  fragmented  services,  disjointed  care  coordination  and  the  administering  of  disparity-plagued  sick-care.

All  of  which  contribute  to  higher  rates  of  uninsured  families,  poverty,  obesity,  diabetes,  high  blood  pressure,  congestive  heart  failure,  infant  mortality,  high  school  drop-out,  violence,  unemployment,  alcohol  and  drug  dependence,  incareceration,  plus  other  unmet  health  needs.

Your  investment  in   our  RXLOWCOST.COM™  Imperative  will  fund  our  ability  to  identify  the  lowest  cost  available  in  a  10 to 20  mile  radius.

Our  ability  to  advocate  for  these  communities  and  the  general  public  in  providing  these  services,  exist  only  because  caring  individuals  understand  the  importance  of  our  RXLOWCOST.COM™  Imperative  and  care  enough  to  give  us  their  support.

Please  allow  me  to  thank  you  in  advance  for  recognizing  the  value  of  what  we  do  and  for  giving  your  support.

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