Pre-Release and Post-Incarceration Outcome Alternative™

The  problems  plaguing  the  American  prison  system  have  grown  too  large  to  be  ignored.  The conversation  on prison  reform  has  broken  into  the  mainstream,  and  the  need  for  reform commands  wide  support  across  the  political  spectrum.

There  seems  to  be  a  burgeoning  consensus  that  the  manner  in  which  the country incarcerates  criminals  is  overly  punitive  and  ineffective  as  a vehicle  for  rehabilitating  its inmates.   Based  on  NYC  own  data,  the incarceration  cost  of  each  I-CAN  participants  is $118,000  per  person,  per year.

Your funding  investment  will  source  our  ability  to  launch  a  health  education  and  occupational  training  system,  with  the  capability  and  capacity  to  produce  and  sustain  one  of  the  most  productive  Post-Incarceration  workforce  NYC  and  the  U.S.  has  ever  seen.

Our  Car Healthfully™  Pre-Release  and  Post-Incarceration  Outcome  Alternative™ achieves  three  historic  and  transformational  goals:

•    Lead  Post  Incarceration  outcomes  in  a  bold  systemic  shift  in  outcome  thinking,  culture,  direction,  performance  and  results.

•    Redefine  the  boundaries  of  success  for  people  returning  home  from  prison  now  and  for  generations  to  come.

•    Navigate  up  to  80%  of  barriers  that  lead  men  and  women  back  to  jail.

The  prison  system  is  indeed  in  dire  need  of  a  fundamental  transformation —  perhaps  even more  than  you  think. Here’s  a  roundup  of  some  of  the  most  jarring  data  points  that  illustrate  how  bad  things  have  gotten:

1.  The  population  of  those  in  prison  and  jail  would  be  the  fourth  largest  city  in  America.  Source:  Prison  Policy  Initiative  /  U.S.  Census  Bureau.

2.  The  prison  population  has  increased  400%  since  the  Reagan  presidency.

3.  Over  3,000  prisoners  are  serving  life  without  parole  for  nonviolent  crimes.   Source:  Getty Images.

4.  The  incarceration  rate  of  black  men  in  the  U.S.  dwarfs  even  that  of  South  Africa  under apartheid.  Source:  Prison  Policy  Initiative.

5.  The  U.S.  spends  far  more  imprisoning  its  citizens  than  educating  them.  Source:  Vera Institute  of  Justice  /  U.S.  Census  data.

6.  A  massive  drop  in  the  crime  rate  did  not  slow  the  pace  of  mass  incarceration.   Source: The  Sentencing  Project.

7.  Over  two  thirds  of  people  who  leave  prison  will  return.

8.  In  17  states,  prisons  are  filled  beyond  capacity.   Source:  Getty  Images

If  you  recognize  the  true  value  of  what  this  innovation  will  mean  to  lives  of  children,  women  and  families  in  underserved  communities  then  please  donate  more.

Today  many  incarceration  programs  are  still  trying  to  solve  jail-based  problems  with  jail-based  applications  that  are  outdated  and  not  compatible  with  the  changing  times.

For  decades,  rehabilitation  associated  with  education  and  occupational  training,  funding,  and programming  decisions have  been  made  at  the  prison  level.   For  far  too  long,  these  decisions  are  often  based  on  local  institutional  needs and  capacity.  They  are  not  driven  by inmate  needs  or  national  job  market  realities.

Car Healthfully™  Pre-Release  and  Post-Incarceration  Outcome  Alternative™  promotes a  holistic,  comprehensive  model of  restoration  that  navigates  the full  and  complete  journey  of  reintegration — from  a  life  behind  bars  — through  all  the  challenges  associated  with  helping  returning  citizens  become  productive  members  of  both  society  and  the  workplace.

Reintegration  includes  but  is  not  limited  to  creating  trail  blazing  journeys  and  new  anti-poverty  routes  that  did  not  exist  before.  All  for  the  purpose  of  ensuring  that  returning citizens  avoid  the  street  behavior  traps,  economic  barriers  and  downturns  that  so  often  derail  their  best  intentions  and  lead  them  back  to  jail.

Your  investment  will  fund  our  ability  to  launch Car Healthfully™  Pre-Release  and  Post-Incarceration Outcomes  Alternative™  –   a  health  education  and occupational  training  system,  in  the  health  care  industry,  balancing  our  focus  on  meeting  today’s  needs  and  the  long–term  success  of  Post-Incarcerated  men  and  women  and  the  health  outcomes  of  the  patients  and  families  who  rely  on  health  care  organizations  for  their  health  care.

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