Healthifying Health System Alternative™

Your  investment  will  fund  our  ability  to  introduce  and  implement  a  breakthrough  innovation  in  health  care  the  industry  has  been  waiting  for  that  finally  came:  Our  Healthifying  Health  System  Alternative™  (HHSA).

Our  Healthifying  Health  System  Alternative™  (HHSA)   is  a  healthifying  innovation  that  provides  emergency  fiscal  health  services   to  help  health  systems  that  serve  underserved,  diasadvantaged  and  undervalued  communities.

Healthifying  Health  System  Alternative™  (HHSA)   is  who  communities  and  health  systems  can  call  to  to  rid  care  delivery  systems  of  low  value  low  quality  services  that  are  riddled  with  fragmented  care  delivery,  disjointeded  care  coordination  and  disparity-plagagued  sick  care.

Healthifying  Health  System  Alternative™  (HHSA)  aides  health  systems  that  are  being  overwhelmed  by  the  negative  impact  of  social  determinanants  of  health  and  are  struggling  to  optimize  systemic  transformation  from  Fee-For-Service  to  Fee-For-Value.

Healthifying  Health  System  Alternative™  (HHSA)   is  a  business  intelligence  system  and  a  SMART-P™ restructuring  and  maintenance  infrastructure,  that  aligns  culture,  strategy  and  capability  to  optimize  value-based  experiences,  outcomes  and  payment  models.

How?  By:

•    Supporting  Life-Changing  Cultural  Transformation.

•    Modernizing  Outdated  Health  T-BACK$.

•    Accommodating  Emerging  Innovations,  Technologies,  Interventions  and Solutions  That  Advance  Implementation  of  Value-Based  Care  Programs

•    Regulating  Organizational  Climate  and  Performance  Standards

•    Transitioning  On-boarding  Partners  To  Value-Based  Care

•    Promoting  Predictive  Analytics  and  Value-Based  Health  Management

Your  investment  will  fund  our  ability  to  implement,  install  and  hardwire  our  Healthifying  Health  System  Alternative™  (HHSA)  into  health  systems  in  order  to  improve  outcome  health  performance  results  by  50%-70%.

This  includes  reprogramming  the  T-BACK$™ (Thinking,  Behavior,  Attitude,  Communication,  Knowledge  and  $kills)  of  communities  and  health  care  organizations  to  make  value-based  preventive  health  management  the  cornerstone  and  centerpiece  of  a  healthier  way  of  life.

Investment  funding  will  help  us  rewire  and  reconnect  consumers,  communities  and businesses  to  life-saving  pathways,  lifelong  learning  and  lifeline  health  restoration.

Funding will  help perform  surgical  interventions  to  reprogram  interchangeable  T-BACK$  to  reduce  and  eliminate:

  1. Negative  impact  of  social  determinants  of  health.
  2.  Fragmented  health  care  delivery.
  3.  Disjointed  care  coordination  and
  4. Disparity-Plagued  Sick-Care


If  communities  and  health  system  in  these  communities  can’t  transform  the  above  current  state  on their  own,  then  who  or  what  is  going  to  save  them  from  themselves.   Our  Healthifying  Health  System  Alternative™  (HHSA)  is  essential  to  transforming  health  outcomes  in  underserved  communities.  What  our  transformation  research  has  confirm  time  and  time  again  is  this:

  • No  transformation  can  take  place  adequately  and  effectively  in  any  health  care  system  or  setting  without  a  flexible  transformed  workforce  serving  as  its  cultural  operating  system.
  • No  workforce  in  any  health  care  system  or  setting  can  be  transformed  adequately  and  effectively  without  the  shifting  of  T-BACK$™ –  Thinking,  Behavior,  Attitude,  Communication,  Knowledge  and  $kills  that  are  aligned  with  and  navigated  by  vision,  purpose,   strategy  and  measurable  performance  expectations.
  • No   T-BACK$™ –  Thinking,  Behavior,  Attitude,  Communication,  Knowledge  and  $kills  can  be  altered  or  sustained  effectively  and  adequately  without  deep  personal  engagement,  commitment  to  systemic  culture  change  and  a  training  system  that  keep  T-BACK$™  relevant,  refreshed  and  performance  ready.
  • No  culture  change  can  take  place  effectively  and  adequately  without  Value-Based  Respect  Performance™ (VBRP)  being  demonstrated  and  modeled  by  Leadership  and  matched  by  stakeholders  at  all  times  and  on  all  levels.  Value-Based  Respect  Performance™  is  the  key  that  opens  the  door  for  what’s  possible  to  walk  through  and  usher  in  unimaginable  change.
  • The  patient  and  population  health  experience  must  be  filtered  through  social  determinants  of  health  before  it  can  be  clearly  defined,  deliberately  designed,  and  effectively  managed  and  measured.
  • The  most  challenging  aspect  to  transforming  health  care,  is  the  task  of   bringing  change  to  an  industry  that  is  designed  to  maintain  the  status  quo.

We  can’t  do  it   alone.  This  is  why  we  are  asking  you  to:

You can see why we focus on culture and how this illustration relates to Peter Drucker’s famous quote: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Culture also eats change, innovation, performance, growth and execution for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

There is ample evidence that business knowledge and behavioral skills account for as much (if not more) of the success of IT projects as do technical skills. This is why we have not overlooked the importance of culture and T-BACK$™ transformation in our reskilling alternative.

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