Introduction To Relational Communication & Experiential Learning

PSOB114, Duration: 8 Hours


Welcome  to  our  Health  Care  Leadership  Development  Training  &  Certification Continuum.

Introduction  To  Relational  Communication  &  Experiential  Learning   is  a  pre -service  course  featured  in our  Pre-Service  On-Boarding  Series, that  covers  content associated  with  welcoming  a  new  hire  or  new  team  member  to  the  team,  or  to  the  health  care  industry.

Introduction  To  Relational  Communication  &  Experiential  Learning  is  a value-based  brand  of  competency-based  training  that  is designed  to transition and  sharpen  your  T-BACK$™  –Thinking,  Behavior,  Attitude,  Communication, Knowledge  and  $kills  to  achieve  the  following course  objectives.


  • Upgrade  workplace  learning  into  a  transformative  learning  experience where  participants  learn  through  collaboration  and  relationships  with  others  –  patients,  families  and  colleagues.
  • Explain  the  importance  of  learning  through  observation  and  interactive  engagement, as  opposed  to  reading  and  hearing  about  content  alone,  that  causes  a  deep  shift  in  perspective  that  leads  to  a  more  open,  better  justified,  and  more  discriminating  frame  of  reference.
  • Make  discoveries  and  experiments  with  knowledge  transfer  through  active  participation  that  contributes  significantly  to  the  overall  understanding  of  real-world  environment  and  experience  with  others.

Our  one-of-a-kind   health  care  leadership  training  integrates  business  management  learning  with  real  world  health  challenges  that  impact  healthier  outcomes  in  four  areas:  People,  culture,  community  health  and fiscal  performance.


  • CEOs  and  other  C  suite  executives  from   clinics,  health  plans,  hospitals  and  other  health  care  settings.
  • Department  heads  Nurse  and  Physician  managers  and  supervisors.
  • Interdisciplinary  care  team  members  including  behavior  health workers Any  individual  seeking  employment  in  the  health  care  field.
  • Nursing  and  medical  students  who  are  either   in  school,   residency   or  employment.
  • Existing  health  care  professionals  schooled  in  a  volume-based  fee-for-service  model  of  care  who  lack  value-based T-BACK$™.
  • Community  stakeholders.


  • CME,  CNE  and  CE  Approved  Training.
  • Certificate  of  Completion  from The  Institute  of  Value-Based  Health  Care Credentialing  Inc.
  • Credit  Towards  Credentialing  As  A  Certified  Value-Based   Health   Care Professional.
  • Continental  Breakfast  &  Hot  Lunch.
  • A  10%  Discount  on  Next  Training  Course

PLEASE  NOTE:  For  training  taking  place  at  our  location  –  One  World  Trade  Center,  we  limit  class  size  to  ten  (10)  people  to  optimize  deep  personal  learning.

If  you  or  an  organization  would  like  to  reserve  training  in  groups  of   ten (10),  we  can  accommodate  your  request.  We  can  customized  the  presentation  specific  to  your  organizational  needs.  We  can  also  conduct  training  at  your  site if  it  is  more  convenient  for  you  or  your  staff,  provided  we  have  a  minimum  of  ten  people  attending.