Raise Your Helping Hand:

We donate our hearts everyday to children, women
and families in Black and Brown communities


Raise Your Helping Hand:

Help us prevent racial bias and
injustice from harming her health and life.



Get Healthier Care Together Inc., is a 501 C 3 shared service  organization, with a clarion call to action in our name.


All we say and do is done through social determinants of health transformation, disparity mitigation, and interventional quity resolutions.


Bring about inequality mitigation, injustice relief, and health restoration in Black and Brown communites.

Funding and donations will move us forward in the spirit of an old African proverb......

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


In these uncertain times, as situations around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, Get Healthier Care Together, Inc. is powering up staff and field operations to SAVE LIVES and take extradordinary steps to help communities, hospitals, health care workers and other first responders who are confronting COVID-19.

Get Healthier Care Together, Inc is positioning itself to activate our regional first responder teams to provide around-the-clock assistance to help battle COVID-19. Please see our COVID19 RESPONSE SERVICES project for the eleven (11) services we provide.

Note: Our  Brooklyn  office  is  temporarily  closed.  Our  staff  is  working  remotely  and  from  One  World  Trade  Center.

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Announcing Our New Fundraising Campaign!

As  COVID19  spread  across  the  country,  it  is  impacting   some  15  million  Health  Workers  who  make  up  the  health  care  industry.   

Get  Healthier  Care  Together  Inc,  is  leading  the  nation  in  unfolding  a  bold  new  normal  in  the  way  the  health  of  Health  Workers  are  valued,  prioritized,  recognized  and  honored  in  America.

Get  Healthier  Care  Together  Inca  charity  organization  and  an  IRS  approved  501  (C)  (3),  is  advancing  a  monumental  approach  that  pays  tribute  to  Health  Workers  in  a  way  that  is  healthifying,  unifying,  unprecedented,  historic,  transformational  and  memorable.

OUR  EVENT  NAME:  FREE  Hall  Of  Fame  Membership  Drive.

OUR  FUNDRASING  EVENT  THEME:  “Honoring  Health  Care  Heroes”

OUR  FUNDRAISING  GOAL: A Minimum  of  $25M

WHO  DONATES:  Everyone.

WHEN:  Now


1.  To  memorialize  fallen  Health  Care  Heroes  as national  Hall  of  Fame  inductees. The  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame, Inc  is  the  first  Hall  of  Fame  tribute  of  its  kind  in  the  nation. 

2.  To  provide  100,000  Health  Workers  representing  every town,  village  and  city  across  America,  with  FREE  annual  Membership,  in  the  Health  Workers  Hall of  Fame , valued  at  $250.00  per person per year.

3.  To  offset  the  cost  of  FREE membership  services  that  give  local  Health  Workers  the  health  restoration  they  urgently need,  the  life-long  learning  and  certifications  their  careers  require,  and  the  national  recognition Health  Workers  so  richly  deserve.

4.  To  spearhead  a  national  response  to  COVID19  and  Burnout  Syndrome  in  a  way  that  is  healthifying,  unifying,  unprecedented,  historic,  transformational  and   memorable.

5.  To  acquire  additional  floor  space   to  grow,  expand  and  build  Hall  of  Fame  Museums  across  America.

HOW?  Online  through  tax  deductible  dollars  to  Get  Healthier  Care  Togther,  Inc.  and  direct  online  donations  at:

Donations  can  also be  made via  wire  or  mail:

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GHCT  Adress:

Get Healthier Care Together, Inc

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Get  Healthier Care Together  Bank  Account  Info:

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We raise funds to support our mission of improving the health and quality of life of women, children, youth and families in every category of social determinants of health. Especially, people who live in underserved, disadvantaged and undervalued communities – where the harmful effects of systemic health, racial and ethnic disparities are rampant.

We support providing health workers with new knowledge and skills to meet t day’s challenging demands in a changing health care landscape.

We support recognizing and rewarding health workers for the huge contributions they make in health delivery, public health challenges, natural disaster relief efforts, research, education and so much more.

Our Services

Get Healthier Care Together, Inc (GHCT) was created purposefully to achieve four integrated goals:

1. To healthify the lives of children, women and families who mmunities.

2. To play a leading role in resolving the harmful effects of systemic health, racial and ethnic disparities.

3. To advance and implement evidenced-based practices that represent the latest innovation in social determinants of health transformation.

4. To design equity projects that reach the outer limits of disparity mitigation success — where generations of government programs and charitable endeavors have had limited impact.

Funding Projects: Investment and Development